Ameesha Patel in Manish Malhotra at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Ameesha Patel wore yet another Manish Malhotra Anaarkali-Lehenga. The outfit is beautiful yes, but the makeup.Why Ameesha, why do you aspire to look like Casper the ghost? It looks like she emptied a whole tub of white powder on her face! Sigh. If only Ameesha kept her foundation slightly more natural with a light pink lip gloss and gotten rid of those glaring contact lenses! Anyway, you know what – I still like her hairdo and she looks elegant in a full-length picture. So I will close one eye and give it to her.
My favourite look from Cannes Film Festival has to be Ameesha Patel in Manish Malhotra She looks so elegant and graceful.

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